Pre and Post Natal Massage

Pre and Post Natal Massage

Pre Natal Massage:

The female body goes through such unique and wonderful changes during pregnancy. Mom’s muscles and organs stretch and shift to allow for baby to grow within her body. With this shift in weight as her center of gravity changes, excess stress can be put on the muscles of her back, neck,and legs, often causing discomfort there.

Massage Therapy during pregnancy has been shown to:

Help tired and achy muscles

Decrease the symptoms of pregnancy-induced sciatica

Improve sleep

Help regulate blood pressure and the release of stress hormones

Relieve muscle spasm and cramps in the lower back, hips and legs

Increases circulation and decrease swelling

Prepare and calm the body for labour

Ease pain while in labour

Post Natal Massage:

This is the time when mom is fully focused on the care of her new baby. It can be exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. Massage can help balance your body and re energize you while you learn to balance your new life with baby.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage:

Reduces muscular tension and fatigue

Relaxes muscles strained during labour or infant care

Assists the uterus in contracting down to size and minimize bleeding

Helps to balance hormones

Lifts post-partum depression

Aids in correcting posture

Reduces any swelling or edema from the pregnancy

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