Hello and welcome!

I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist serving the Surrey and White Rock area and work a Living Wellness Centre. I grew up in this area and I am happy to be growing my family here as well. I thrive on providing general health and wellness education to mothers-to-be in the form of Massage Therapy during pregnancy and after, as well as my newest endeavor: Providing the service of placenta encapsulation to help mothers bounce back and regain essential nutrients and hormones lost in child birth.

My goal is to help educate woman about how to take care of themselves through pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum stage. The reality of a new baby can cause mom to forget that although her baby is her top priority, her baby needs her mom to be in tip top shape to be the best new mommy out there!

Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy helps to:

* Relax an anxious mind

* Boost circulation/Decrease muscle spasm

* Correct postural dysfunctions (from the growing belly, nursing, sleep deprivation, improper lifting of child/car seat)

* Breast Massage can help with blocked ducts and mastitis

Placenta Encapsulation is becoming more common in the West. It has been shown to help 80% of woman who consume their own placenta. Some of the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation and consumption are:

* Improves mood (decreased “baby blues”/postpartum depression)

* Improves milk production

* Regulates hormone production

* Helps to regulate sleep

I hope to help and care for many new mothers in my community by sharing my knowledge and personal experience for years to come.







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